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Olivia Culpo Sets Instagram On Fire In Hot Red Lingerie For First Thirst Trap Of 2020

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View photos Olivia Culpo takes a selfie More Olivia Culpo has delivered her first thirst trap of 2020. The «Sports Illustrated» model and all-around «it» girl didn’t update her Instagram over the New Year, but she’s more than made up for the silence.

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Olivia updated her account on Sunday with a red-hot snap that ticked boxes for bold colors, sizzling curves, plus the platform’s adored selfie trend. Olivia posed for her selfie in a marbled bathroom, rocking a high-waisted red pair of lowers and tiny matching bra –and this lingerie was tiny .

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‘Good Morning 2020!!!’ (And Instagram Is Grateful) View photos Olivia Culpo takes a bathroom selfie in a bra More Culpo kept her caption simple. The 27-year-old simply acknowledged the beginning of the new year

«Good morning 2020!!!» she wrote

And yes, Instagram is absolutely loving it. Olivia‘s post managed to rack up over 140,000 likes in the space of three hours, also garnering the attention of the 620+ fans who took to the comments section

«Hey chica,» one fan wrote

«I just now fell in love,» another said

«Christian is lucky,» one user commented – Olivia is dating football running back Christian McCaffrey , having first been linked to him back in May 2019

People Are Obsessed With What She Eats View photos Olivia Culpo takes a selfie More And with one look at Olivia‘s body, that’s of no surprise. The depressing part? Olivia actually eats calories

«I love unsalted almonds, especially if I’m about to do a photo shoot or compete. There’s no mess, and they’re so easy to pack in a little Ziploc bag to take with you. It’s my number one go-to-snack!» the former Miss Universe told Shape

And she isn’t a fan of stuff that’s too low-cal

«It’s really easy for us, so I’m grateful,» she told People of her great «bond» with McCaffrey

But Her Saudi Arabia Attendance Raised Eyebrows View photos Olivia Culpo poses at an event More Olivia was amid the celebrities causing controversy at the end of 2019 as she attended a music festival in Saudi Arabia. Alongside Ryan Phillippe and Sofia Richie, Culpo was slammed for allegedly accepting a high paycheck to help promote the MDL Beast music festival in Saudi’s Riyadh capital

Snaps of Olivia dressed more modestly and posing in ritzy hotel interiors straight from Saudi Arabia were posted to her Instagram

No complaints today, though

Olivia has 4.5 million Instagram followers. She is folllowed by celebrities including Bella Thorne, Vanessa Hudgens, and Hailey Bieber