Energy Ministry incorporate firm to find more gas - EntornoInteligente / The Trinidad Guardian / Minister in the Office of the Attorney General and Legal Affairs and the Office of the Prime Minister, Stuart Young, says the Government has taken a policy decision to create a company that will partner with members of the upstream sector because there is still gas to be discovered.

He added that the Government is seeing opportunity in the exploration and production of gas, especially in “marginal and stranded fields, which means that the larger companies have extracted the gas but there are still little pockets of gas around which are no longer economical for the big companies to extract due to the cost factor. The gas is there, NGC is waiting on the gas we have a ready market. NGC is waiting on the gas to then send it downstream,” Young said while speaking at the energy conference hosted by the Ministry of Energy and at the Hyatt Regency, Port-of-Spain, yesterday.

He said the Government had taken a decision to incorporate a company that “would partner with more nimble players in the upstream (sector), have conversations with (them), to go find those stranded pockets of gas in those marginal fields and bring into production so we can then sell it to the downstream.”

Permanent Local Content Committee chairman Anthony Paul said T&T needs to manage its resources properly. He said the country should not only rely on the findings in the Ryder Scott report alone, because that report only highlights the findings and does not highlight what is yet to be discovered.

Commenting on young people graduating from universities in T&T and internationally being unable to find jobs in the energy sector, Paul said, “We train a lot of bright young people as engineers and they are unemployed or under employed, and we have, on the other hand, a generation that is about to retire, therefore, there is need to manage our resources more prudently.”

Energy Minister Franklin Khan said most of the recruitment done by the ministry is done through the Public Services Commission. Giving an example, he said the ministry had advertised for a suite of entry level positions, but it was blocked by the Public Services Association and then taken to court. But he said the ministry won the case and was able to proceed with its recruitment exercise.

“We want to bring in a mentorship programme. There was this Petroleum Geo Science degree offered at the UWI. For the first time in the many years that I am in this country, the applicants of this programme had to go through a more stringent programme than medicine,” Khan said.

“We had island scholars applying for petroleum geo science, the brightest and best graduated from that programme. Today they have graduated a dime a dozen with absolutely nothing to do, that is an untenable situation.”

Khan assured that the ministry would be implementing a programme to employ these graduates by training them in leadership positions. He also called on the energy companies to begin a recruitment drive for young professionals.

Energy Ministry incorporate firm to find more gas

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