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Entornointeligente.com / Caribbean Airlines is facing more queries about its financial performance.

Roberto Pocaterra

Mariano Browne, a former minister in Trinidad and Tobago’s Ministry of Finance, has warned that there are critical management issues facing the airline.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra

He therefore wants an examination of its cost ratio.

Roberto Pocaterra Pocaterra Venezuela

Mr. Browne’s comments followed revelations last week before a Joint Select Committee of  Parliament about what are being described as high salaries being paid to senior managers at Caribbean Airlines.

Roberto Pocaterra Venezuela

He contends that the real issue is the route revenue

According to the former minister, the key ratio should be revenue-per-passenger, or revenue-per-seat

On the matter of CAL’s cargo manager being paid a monthly salary of $71,000, which is more than what the Prime Minister earns, Mr. Browne said the real question is whether the cargo department is making money

According to Mr. Browne, any CEO of a company, whether public or private, can earn more than the Prime Minister and that should have no relevance in the discussion of CAL’s expenditure

He also said it would be inaccurate to compare an international carrier with CAL, arguing that a better comparison would be with another regional airline in a country of  a similar size, paying particular attention to what the ratios are

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