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As unrest continues at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, the Education Ministry is now being taken to task for not doing enough to address the concerns of lecturers and students.   Ibo Cooper, a lecturer at the institution, is anxious for more Ministry intervention to quell the unease.   This latest call for action tops the list of complaints from students and lecturers about how the issue of sexual harrassment allegations against a staff member has been handled.   Earlier this week, a letter of complaint was prepared for the Prime Minister’s attention in which staff members declared a loss of  confidence in the Board Chairman, Marigold Harding, and raised questions about the validity of the appoinment of other board members.   Mr. Cooper argued that the Education Ministry’s involvement in dealing with the entire situation has been lacking.    “We would like to make sure…that the Minister of Education and the (Prime Minister) are getting the right information. I have the a problem with the missing Ministry here tonight…and the Ministry rep said at the town hall ‘let’s not go back over the past; let’s not find out who was leaking for the public.’ You know who reacted badly to that – the students,” he pointed out.     Mr. Cooper suggested the government Ministry should be collaborating with the school’s Board to address the situation.    “What kind of public relations campaign has gone out there to state that Edna Manley is against sexual harassment? Zero,” he said. “And we shouldn’t be putting that out because it might sound like an apology. The board and the Ministry should be on the page with us  because we feel bad. We are out there walking up and down looking like some little pervert; and not us alone – students on social media -students have been accused. This is not a ramp and play issue,” Mr. Cooper lamented.     


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