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25/06/2018 – Jamaica Gleaner. / THE EDITOR, Sir:

I, as a Jamaican and a Labourite, believe in prosperity. That is why I refuse to stay on the sideline and let my beloved Bustamante party being thrown dirt. Scandal must never be a part of prosperity. Incompetence must never be a part of prosperity.

In December of 2011, Prime Minister Andrew Holness stepped in the Jamaica Development Infrastructure Project controversy and took a stance. Some say he fired Mike Henry, while others say Mike Henry resigned by himself.

The people of Jamaica and us Labourites hold the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) at a higher standard than the People’s National Party (PNP). Hence, I don’t comprehend the general secretary of the Labour Party saying they’ve instructed the auditor general to conduct her investigation from the past to present.

I don’t know if Dr Chang believe things will cancel out each other. I don’t believe so.

This scandal clearly indicates that Dr Andrew Wheatley and even the PNP’s Phillip Paulwell ain’t the persons to fix the corrupt practices at Petrojam. The JLP has talents in abundance to take over that ministry and clean it up. The likes of Floyd Green, Juliet Holness or even the G2K president Stephen Edwards, would do a better job in that ministry.



The auditor general only can investigate and recommend but that office, based on my interpretation, don’t have the power to fire a government minister or prosecute. That’s in the prime minister’s hands.

I’m a person who always gives the benefit of the doubt to persons, but no explanation from Dr Andrew Wheatley or the Petrojam general manager so far makes sense.

Dr Wheatley is Prime Minister Andrew Holness’ strongest and youngest supporter, therefore firing him is going to be a tough decision.

Therefore, I hope Dr Wheatley, in the best interest of the party and the country, do the honourable thing and resign.

This scandal is not a good look for prosperity.

Many will consider me a sell-out Labourite and ask why am I throwing one of my own under the bus. My answer to that, is the JLP I know and studied don’t accept mediocrity. Prosperity can’t be in the same sentence with scandal and incompetence.

Teddylee Gray

Ocho Rios, St Ann

[email protected]



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