Discover your country for Easter - EntornoInteligente / The Trinidad Guardian / This weekend, Island Hikers are hosting two tours. Today, along with Nanan Tours, the hiking group will explore the Caroni Swamp and tomorrow will visit Rincon Falls. For today’s outing, explorers are asked to assemble, at 2 pm, at the entrance to Eric Williams Medical Complex in Mount Hope.

Today’s tour of the swamp is a boat ride down the main channel to the roosting area of the Scarlet Ibis. At around 5 pm, the Scarlet Ibis return from their feeding grounds to a particular location in the swamp where they gather for the night.

The Caroni Bird Sanctuary is a protected wetland approximately 40 square miles and home to the Scarlet Ibis. It is a significant tourist attraction, and visitors come from all over the globe to see the thousands of scarlet ibis returning to their roost at sunset. The swamp is also home to 180 species of birds, the most common being snowy egrets, blue herons, spotted sandpipers, green-throated hummingbirds, boat-billed heron, common potoo, tropical screech owl, and kingfishers.

Recently, in addition to the Scarlet Ibis, Flamingoes are creating an additional attraction. Some small numbers have returned to feed, and their protection needed from poachers. Common animals in the swamp are iguanas and caimans. Sleeping in the treetops are the cook’s tree boa or cascabel snake who hunt the birds at night.

There are three varieties of mangrove growing in the red swamp mangrove, black mangrove, and white mangrove. Living in the mangrove are the blue crab, oysters and four-eyed fish. Large fish like the grouper and tarpon frequent the swamp to spawn.

Rincón is a Spanish word that means in a corner and buried within its landscape there are several waterfalls. The source of the river originates from the northern foothills of the El Tucuche Watershed, and two spectacular waterfalls are the Habio and Rincón Falls. Further downstream the river plunges over several escarpments where to discover is a series of pools known as the Rincón Basin or referred by villagers as Black Pool. The basin because of its easily accessible location provides a favourite recreational spot for the community.

The expedition to the Rincón Basin will take 30 minutes and is an easy walk along a wide-open trail. The basins, located in an undisclosed location, are known mainly to villagers.

Those looking for additional adventure there is the option to explore the river and return downstream. Others can spend the time relaxing at the basins and jumping into the pool. It is a favourite destination for children since the walk is short.

The Rincón Basin is an extraordinary destination filled with mystery and incredible adventure.

Sunday’s assembly times are 7 am at the entrance to Central Bank Auditorium, Port-of-Spain, and at 7.30 am, opposite Sam’s Bar, Maracas Bay.

Island Hikers tour to Rincón Basin on Easter Sunday Hiking time: 30 minutes Rating: 2 easy This hike is suitable for children five years and older. For details contact Mario (749-2956); Jamal (761-1889).

Discover your country for Easter

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