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THE EDITOR: I would like to express my disappointment with the lack of communication from the staff of NAPA on January 18. My husband and I had decided to get tickets to the show featuring the Cuban dancers, so we called the admin office for information that day.

We were told that tickets were available and to come around 6.30 pm to purchase them and attend the show.We arrived there at 6.15 pm and went to the cashier’s booth to buy the tickets. We were then told that the tickets could only be bought using cash. No bank cards were acceptable.

I was really taken aback at that point and tried to explain that we were not advised to bring cash when we called earlier, and that we only had bank cards.

The two young women in the booth showed no empathy and nonchalantly suggested that we run down the road to an ATM machine to get the cash and come back. My husband and I are both elderly people and were unable to just rush out of NAPA to get cash to rush back and probably not get a car park when we returned and miss the start of the show, so we decided to leave without seeing the show, which was a great disappointment to us.

Their lack of basic customer service skills was sad but to think that a place like NAPA could also not cater for paying patrons with a Linx machine was, at the very least, ridiculous.

I am sharing my experience in the hope that the administrators at NAPA do a better job at planning for these types of events, and that they ensure that support staff are better trained to handle questions from the general public.





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