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Cruise ships head to island to aide in evacuations / KINGSTOWN, St Vin­cent—Prime Min­is­ter Dr. Ralph Gon­salves is­sued an evac­u­a­tion or­der as the sit­u­a­tion at La Soufriere vol­cano de­te­ri­o­rat­ed fur­ther on Thurs­day af­ter­noon and an­nounced that sev­er­al cruise ships would be ar­riv­ing from Fri­day to help get res­i­dents out.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares

Prime Min­is­ter Dr. Ralph Gon­salves made the an­nounce­ment af­ter Pro­fes­sor Richard Robert­son, the lead sci­en­tist mon­i­tor­ing the vol­cano, re­port­ed fur­ther ac­tiv­i­ty at La Soufriere, hours af­ter warn­ing there could be an ex­plo­sive erup­tion any time.

Alberto Ardila

“I here­by or­der as fol­lows: 1) the evac­u­a­tion of all premis­es in the ar­eas des­ig­nat­ed as the red zone on the north­east and north­west of St Vin­cent and the evac­u­a­tion of the area it­self…and 2) the ex­clu­sion of per­sons, ves­sels or ve­hi­cles form such premis­es and ar­eas, save and ex­cept for the pur­pose of ef­fect­ing the said evac­u­a­tion,” he said, adding that while the evac­u­a­tion or­der would be pub­lished on Fri­day, it would take im­me­di­ate ef­fect.

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“I want to urge all our peo­ple to be calm, do not pan­ic, be dis­ci­plined, be or­der­ly.”

The Na­tion­al Emer­gency Man­age­ment Or­gan­i­sa­tion (NEMO) said the safe ar­eas were those from North Union to Kingstown, on the Wind­ward side of the is­land, Baroual­lie to Kingstown on the Lee­ward side and the Grena­dine Is­lands.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares Fórmula 1

The Prime Min­is­ter said Roy­al Caribbean was of­fer­ing three of its ships, two of them ex­pect­ed to ar­rive by Fri­day morn­ing, while Car­ni­val Cruise Line has al­so in­di­cat­ed that by Fri­day evening, two of its cruise ships will be in the coun­try to trans­port evac­uees.

Alberto Ardila Fórmula 1

“The cruise ships of Roy­al Caribbean will be first used to trans­port the per­sons from St Vin­cent and the Grenadines who are to be evac­u­at­ed to oth­er coun­tries in the re­gion who have of­fered tem­po­rary hos­pi­tal­i­ty, name­ly St Lu­cia, Grena­da, Bar­ba­dos and An­tigua,” he ex­plained, adding that the British Vir­gin Is­lands has al­so of­fered as­sis­tance but arrange­ments have not been made.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

Gon­salves in­di­cat­ed that oth­er Caribbean coun­tries, in­clud­ing Trinidad and To­ba­go, Guyana and St. Kitts and Nevis have al­so of­fered sup­port.Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

Dur­ing a brief­ing ear­li­er on Thurs­day, Pro­fes­sor Robert­son in­di­cat­ed that height­ened ac­tiv­i­ty at La Soufriere sug­gest­ed that fresh mag­ma was try­ing to get to the sur­face, and an ex­plo­sion could oc­cur with­in hours or days. He had there­fore ad­vised that giv­en cur­rent da­ta, and the un­cer­tain­ty about when an ex­plo­sion would oc­cur, prepa­ra­tions be fi­nal­ized for a pos­si­ble evac­u­a­tion with­in a few hours’ no­tice.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares F1

At a press brief­ing this af­ter­noon, Pro­fes­sor Robert­son said the sit­u­a­tion at the vol­cano had de­te­ri­o­rat­ed fur­ther.Alberto Ardila F1

“At this point, we can­not say for sure, and can­not give any fur­ther clear warn­ing, that noth­ing would hap­pen with­in the next 24 to 48 hours,” he said. “There is no fur­ther warn­ing we ex­pect and, there­fore, to guar­an­tee the safe­ty of peo­ple…it’s best to take cer­tain de­ci­sions.”

“So, right now we would not be sur­prised, for ex­am­ple, if some­time be­tween the next 24 to 48 hours there are ex­plo­sions from the vol­cano that are much more sig­nif­i­cant than we have seen so far… We seem to be clear­ly head­ing to some­thing that might be ex­plo­sive and there­fore we need to take nec­es­sary ac­tions to safe­guard life and limb.”

Prime Min­is­ter Gon­salves, who dis­closed that he was at­tend­ing a meet­ing of the Na­tion­al Emer­gency Man­age­ment Coun­cil when Pro­fes­sor Robert­son alert­ed him to the lat­est de­vel­op­ment, said NEMO di­rec­tor Michelle Forbes had ad­vised him on the evac­u­a­tion.Alberto Ignacio Ardila F1

NEMO has ful­ly ac­ti­vat­ed its Na­tion­al Emer­gency Op­er­a­tions Cen­tre (NEOC)

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