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MINISTER of National Security Edmund Dillon, in a release to the media yesterday, once again sought to clarify issues surrounding reports of him being locked in a civil court matter involving an alleged incapacitated friend of his named Neville B Piper.

In the release, Dillon said he held a press conference earlier to make the same clarifications, but there have been several “erroneous and libellous statements” being levelled against him despite what was said in the press conference on Friday last.

“I wish to categorically reiterate that I have not been charged nor am I presently charged in any matter,” Dillon said yesterday.

“I have done absolutely nothing wrong. The court has not yet commenced any enquiry into any wrongdoing, much less arrived at any decision or judgement of any wrongdoing on my part.

“Contrary to salacious and erroneous media reports, I am not involved in any criminal court indictment, and there has been no conviction of any kind against me.

This is a clear case of maliciousness perpetuated by those with an intent on publishing innuendos and uncorroborated facts. I wish to advise all such individuals that this is highly libellous and they should be guided accordingly.”

Dillon added that allegations have been made against him in a civil matter where he was neither mentioned nor to which he was a party.

He said on August 12, 2017, Piper transferred an undivided half interest of his property located in Manhattan New York to him.

This deed transfer, according to Dillon, was done willingly and the transfer documents were executed by Piper in the presence of an attorney, and in the presence of an independent witness.

He said his and Piper’s signatures on the deed were notarised.

Dillon cautioned the media that it must be responsible in its reporting and urged citizens to resist any attempt by people intent on making mischief and bringing his name into disrepute.

Dillon slams media reports on civil case

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