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24/06/2018 – The Trinidad Guardian. / National Security Minister Edmund Dillon sold the New York City condominium, which was part of a disputed property deal, back to its original owner Neville Piper for US$10, a document from the NYC Department of Finance Office of the City Register has stated.

Attempts to contact Dillon to verify the authenticity of the document proved unsuccessful yesterday.

However, Farid Scoon, one of the attorneys involved in the case, when called to verify whether the information in the document was accurate and if the transaction was completed, called on people to respect the ruling of the United States Supreme Court on the matter.

“What I understood the resolution in that matter to have been was that the record be sealed, save and except Mr Dillon be able to make a statement that there was no wrongdoing found against him,” Scoon said.

Scoon represented attorney Ernest Wilson, the attorney who prepared the deed for the land transaction between Dillon and 88-year-old Piper.

That deed was made last August. Piper‘s niece raised questions about the transaction and alleged in court documents that her uncle had been the victim of elder financial abuse, exploitation and fraud.

Dillon was named in an article 81 Guardianship proceedings related to Piper whom he described as a long-time friend.

The issue in question was a valuable downtown Manhattan condominium that Dillon claimed was gifted to him by Piper.

Issues were also raised about the authenticity of the signatures on the transfer documents.

In April, Dillon made his final appearance in the US Supreme Court in New York before Justice Laura Vistacion-Lewis.

When the matter was called before Vistacion-Lewis, she ordered that it be held in chambers.

When the matter was concluded she ordered that the records be sealed.

Although the matter was held privately, Vistacion-Lewis authorised the release of one statement as it relates to the proceedings.

In a release issued by the Ministry of National Security, Dillon said he was pleased to report that the court proceedings in the United States, “with respect to his friend Neville Piper, has been fully and effectively resolved.”

“The Honourable Judge ordered that the record of the proceeding be sealed and restricted, all parties interested in the proceeding from making any public statements, save and except, that there has been no finding of wrongdoing against Minister Dillon,” the release stated.

The condominium in question is located at 301 Cathedral Parkway, Unit 8L, New York, NY, 10026.

Dillon took issue with what he deemed to be several “erroneous and libellous” statements about him regarding these civil proceedings.

Documents purporting to be related to Dillon selling the land back to Piper came to the fore yesterday one day after Dillon faced a no-confidence motion in the Parliament.



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