Detainee art vanishes from Guantánamo media tour - EntornoInteligente / MiamiHerald / Detainee artwork, once a proud fixture of media visits, has vanished from prison materials reporters are allowed to see in the aftermath of a new policy forbidding the release of artwork by war on terror detainees.

Prison leadership says the art program continues and the captives are still making art.

But a usual stop at a trailer where, for years, troops and contractors hung detainee drawings and paintings, was excluded from a five-hour Detention Center Zone visit by U.S., Australian and Colombian reporters on Feb. 3. It was the first media visit since summer, and the first since the Pentagon declared the art U.S. government property and halted a longstanding prison policy of letting captives give their artwork to their lawyers and families.

“Detainees are still going to art class,” the prison’s cultural adviser, known as Zaki, said, acknowledging that artists among the captives “were not happy about the change.” He blamed the new ban on defense lawyers who decided to display it in an exhibit in New York City.

Detainee art vanishes from Guantánamo media tour

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