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My boyfriend is a great builder, perhaps one of the best in Dominica but he cannot read and write. I didn’t know that until I realized the weird vibes.

Like whenever he is doing estimates or reading plans, he would ask his partner to take charge of it all.

I honestly don’t know how he can build so well and he is illiterate. I would send him WhatsApp messages but he always sends back voice notes. I had no idea this was so.

I love him but don’t want a man who cannot read and write. We have been together for over a year and five months. We don’t have children but he met me with three girls whom he has been taking care of.

He takes care of me as well. He is very very hard working and makes a good living but the cannot read a thing. Ahwah I cannot deal with that.

How can I break up with him Bella? I will never stay with an illiterate man. Not me. I am too classy for that.





Hello V,

If you loved your boyfriend or better yet, understood what love really is about, then throwing him under the bus because he is uneducated wouldn’t be your first move.

And I am in no position on how to advise you to break up with your partner.

You claim that he takes care of you but you are willing to throw that away because of his educational level?

How about talking to him about his shortcoming and seek help for him. Even you can help him with reading at home.

There are also adult education classes he can enroll in.

When people love each other, they don’t just throw them away, especially because they have ended up in situations which they probably had little or no control over.

Maybe it is even pointless to remain in the relationship now that you have made your intentions known.

Break up with him in whatever way you chose. Don’t ask me for advice on ending a relationship just because of selfish, meaningless reasons.

There is probably a woman waiting in the wings to help him with his education and treat him with more understanding and respect than you have.



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