Curacao: Quarrel MFK and PAR for artificial turf in Barber - EntornoInteligente / Curacao Chronicle / WILLEMSTAD – Soccer Club Barber has a fence, light poles and other infrastructure, but no artificial turf. And that while a subsidy of almost one million guilders was granted.

That happened just before October 10, 2010, when the political party PAR was in power. The grant was transferred by the MFK government in 2011 without conditions. At least there are no documents proving that there were conditions set by the then government.

Former PAR minister David Dick is the current chairman of the soccer club.

The opposition party MFK has requested a meeting to debate on this issue but the responsible Minister, Marilyn Alcala-Wallé said that she wants to find the documents first before going to parliament for a debate.

The PAR approved the subsidy but it was granted by the MFK Minister of Finance George Jamalodin.

Photo: Jamaloodin (l) and Schotte

Curacao: Quarrel MFK and PAR for artificial turf in Barber

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