Curacao: Official press release Fly Allways - EntornoInteligente / Curacao Chronicle / PARAMARIBO, WILLEMSTAD – Fly Allways announces that her flights to the Dominican Republic already has started on Sunday March the 11th. Thanks to the efforts of both countries, it is possible that we can offer our traveling public these services.

This connection will be non-stop between Curacao and the Dominican Republic on every Wednesday and Sunday, pleases visit our website for more information at

After June the 10 the schedule can change, but the public will be informed on time.

We hope to be able to set up a reliable line connection in the future, to continue our services and that we can meet the needs of our traveling public. We thank everyone, especially the passengers, for their patience and looking forward to a good cooperation between Curacao, Suriname and the Dominican Republic.

Curacao: Official press release Fly Allways

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