Cuba faces critical housing shortages after Irma - EntornoInteligente / MiamiHerald / Electrical power was quickly restored after Hurricane Irma’s scrape along Cuba’s northern coast, much of the flood damage in Havana was cleaned up within weeks, and tourism facilities opened in time for the winter season.

But the island still bears deep scars from Irma’s passage.

Four months after the first Category 5 hurricane to hit Cuba since 1932 caused 10 deaths and $13 billion in damages, housing remains the most critical need – especially in the central coastal provinces hardest hit by Irma. Tens of thousands of homes still need repairs.

In the 72 hours that Irma rolled across Cuba, the hurricane also took a heavy toll on agriculture, but most crops were quickly replanted. The 2018 sugar harvest is now underway, but damage to sugar mills, cane fields that were flooded or flattened, a prolonged drought and recent heavy rains are expected to add up to a disappointing harvest.

Cuba faces critical housing shortages after Irma

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