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  Prime Minister and Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) leader, Andrew Holness, has said corruption is not a partisan problem.   He said the Opposition People’s National Party (PNP) has been hypocritical in pointing fingers at the JLP.   According to Mr. Holness, the issue involves all Jamaicans.    “A better approach would be to look at the issue of corruption as a social problem and how we can get our Jamaican people to appreciate and understand it from that perspective, rather than looking at it merely as a political problem or a partisan problem because there are some entrenched social attitudes towards corruption and we, within our party, we have to start to talk about those social attitudes and how we can break them,” he contended.    He said the JLP has been trying to deal with the problem including in its selection of candidates.    “We have now taken a very strong position that all our candidates have to be vetted…. We have to know what their views were on issues as well and then we have to educate them about what it means to operate within the modern, legal and regulatory context in Jamaica, because you may not know this but politics today is not politics of five years ago,” he explained.    Mr. Holness was speaking Sunday at an Area 3 council meeting in Clarendon.      


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