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CANBERRA, Sept. 13 (Xinhua) — Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has ramped up pressure on businesses to focus on delivering better outcomes for employees instead of social causes.

According to The Australian on Friday, the Australian prime minister denied that the Liberal-National party (LNP) coalition government is a “cheer squad” for big business.

“This is taking the party back to its roots… a Liberal Party for all Australia. Not the cheer squad for any particular interest other than the individual and families who benefit from a strong economy,” he said.

“I want more conversation about the future of the economy and what is needed in workplaces… not summits between employer associations and unions.”

The remarks come after Ben Morton, the assistant minister to the prime minister, said in a speech to the Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) on Thursday that corporate Australia was being seduced by activists acting as “self-appointed moral guardians.”

He declared that business leaders can expect no favors from the government unless they were at the forefront of improving the lives of “quiet Australians.”

“Too often I see corporate Australia succumb or pander to similar pressures from noisy, highly orchestrated campaigns of elites,” Morton said.

“I have an old-fashioned view… Instead of pretending you love paying tax or that you’re building electric cars rather than mining coal, or are in the solar panel rather than the oil or gas business, tell your employees and the quiet Australians what you can do for them.”


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