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Minister of National Security, Hon. Dr. Horace Chang, says the Government intends to amend key pieces of legislation as part of measures to modernise the country’s laws and strengthen crime-fighting strategies.

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“We will put in place a more effective legislative framework. Too many of our laws are old and are almost of limited relevance today, and too many activities are not yet covered by appropriate legislation. As Minister and as a part of this Government, we are taking on the challenge vigorously,” the Minister said, during a virtual press conference on October 15.

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“We are going to work to ensure that we articulate the policies and put in place a system to get our legislation written, brought to Parliament, and make the framework and the tools by which the police have to operate, relevant and effective,” he added.

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Among the pieces of legislation the Minister cited are the Firearms Act, and the Anti-Gang Act

Dr. Chang said improvements to the legislative framework are intended to strengthen the existing framework, while ensuring that players who participate in criminal activities in Jamaica are held accountable

“We are seeking to equip the police with the relevant legislative and physical tools to ensure that they have the capacity to gather the evidence, apprehend and prosecute the criminal gangs,” the Minister noted

“The Anti-Gang Act, particularly, we had some challenges at the beginning. It’s a new piece of legislation and the investigators have to review what they are doing, and the prosecutors have to also look at it, and as we proceed, we expect to have even greater success,” Dr. Chang said


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