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I live in the community at the top of Jacks Hill, St Andrew. In recent days we have contended with some major bush fires.

At the first sign of trouble, the Fire Brigade was on site. As soon as they could reach the fires, they put them out as best they could and then stayed on with us all Wednesday night and all Friday night just to be there in case the fires flared up again. Every single member of the crews was easy to talk to, friendly, and always ready to do what was needed to be done to protect life and property.

So I write to say a public thank you to them – extra-special people doing an extra-special job.

Then there is the Jamaica Defence Force (JDF) Air Wing with their helicopter and its huge, new water bucket. The skill of the pilots was on show as they came over time after time, in obviously dangerous conditions, and dropped tons of water on fires that could not be reached by land-based hoses. Without their competence and effectiveness, the outcome up here would probably have been quite different.

So this is to say thank you publicly to the JDF as well – highly skilled people making a big difference.

The sad side to all of this is that someone lit the fires. The damage to the environment is unfathomable. If we continue setting the hill on fire, it won’t be long before it will be unable to support any vegetation at all and become an arid wasteland – in our land of wood and water.


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