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According to preliminary data, the vehicle suffered mechanical failures, losing its brakes and overturning, announced local authorities.

Eight people died and many more were injured on Friday in a bus accident in southwestern Colombia, when traveling on the Pan-American Highway on the Popayan-La Cruz route collided with some rocks near the town of Rosas in the Cauca department and then overturned.


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According to preliminary data, the vehicle suffered mechanical failure, lost its brakes and overturned, announced Victor Valencia, deputy commander of the Rosas Fire Brigade.

“Many people were trapped inside the damaged vehicle, the others were taken to healthcare centers in towns such as Popayan,” Valencia said.

Three of the fatal victims of the collision were identified as Gómer Fernández Guerrero, Déiver Muñaoz Bolaños and Celica Bolaños Ortega. It was also pointed out that a minor from the Normal Superior Sacred Heart of Jesus educational institution is among those who perished in the event.

Meanwhile, José Roberto Campo, mayor of that town spoke to RCN Radio and said that accidents are recurrent in that area, because of a decline in the road that has become dangerous for circulation.

“The descent is very risky, cargo and passenger vehicles always experience failures in their brake system in that area and we always have these accidents. It must be remembered that some years ago an accident occurred in the same sector leaving several dead police officers as balance, ” Campo alerted.

The type of vehicle involved in the accident is known in Colombia as ‘ladder bus’ or ‘chiva’, specially adapted to travel the most rugged roads in the country and therefore are used in rural areas.


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