Colombia: 7-Months-Old Baby of Ex-FARC Member Killed in Ambush - EntornoInteligente / Samuel David Gonzalez Pushaina, a seven-month-old child died in an ambush on his parents, former FARC members, in Colombia. 

Samuel David Gonzalez Pushaina, a seven-month-old son of a former member of the now dissolved  Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia—People’s Army (Spanish acronym FARC) was killed during an attack on his father.


Colombia: Peace Crumbles as Social Leaders Killed With Impunity

His father Carlos Enrique Gonzalez and his mother Sandra Pushaina were also injured in the attack. The attack on the father took place in the municipality of Maicao, in the Department of La Guajira, Colombia.

The family, who resides in Simon Trinidad, went to visit a relative to Maicao near the Venezuelan border.

Colonel Wilford Mendez, deputy commander of the La Guajira Police said the family was ambushed by several hooded men. The son died on the way to the hospital. The parents are stable and recovering.

“His father, an ex-guerrilla committed to the transition to civilian life, asks to investigate these facts,” FARC said in a statement.

In event occurred in La Guajira, an attempt on the life took place against a former guerilla, his wife, and their son of only a few months in which the child Samuel died. We mourn the loss of a child of Tierra Grata, we regret the physical departure of a son of peace.

Attacks on former guerrillas have increased after signing the peace accords in 2016 . So far 104 FARC members have been killed and numerous have been injured. Death threats have risen as well.

“The omission of the Colombian government in guaranteeing security and the processes of integral reincorporation, is a trigger for these acts of violence against the signatories of the agreement continue to occur,” said Camilo Fagua, lawyer and human rights defender of the FARC party.

Fagua informed that the majority of murders of ex-combatants were witnessed in municipalities where the highest number of murders of social leaders have occurred, such as the department of Nariño, Antioquia, Cauca, Norte de Santander, and Caqueta.

For many, especially the victims, the agreement bore the hope of an end to the internal conflict in which at least 7 million people were displaced, 260,000 killed, and 80,000 forcibly disappeared.  



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