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Civil society groups, educational institute call for Wright to 'resign with immediate effect'

civil_society_groups_2C_educational_institute_call_for_wright_to_26_23039_3Bresign_with_immediate_effect_26_23039_3B.jpg / Four of the country’s well-known civil society groups and an educational institute have called for the immediate resignation of George Wright, the embattled member of parliament, who has been questioned in relation to a viral video, showing a man in a violent confrontation with a woman. 

Wright, the MP for Central Westmoreland- who is now on leave absence- has not affirmed that he is the man in the video. 

Notwithstanding, in a joint statement the Jamaica Accountability Meter Portal, National Integrity Action, the Institute of Law and Economics, Jamaicans for Justice and Stand Up for Jamaica have said he should resign with “immediate effect”- words which they emphasised in capital letters at the beginning and closing of their statement to the press. 

They said their call is based on the statements by the police and the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP), of which Wright is a member. 

“The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) press release on Friday, April 16, 2021, confirmed that there was ‘a physical altercation between member of parliament, George Wright and businesswoman, Tannisha Singh,’ which led the police to ‘escort her to a medical facility to ensure she received treatment,'” the groups said in the statement.  

They continued: “Though the JCF could not determine if this altercation was the same caught on the video, the statement left no doubt that one did occur and resulted in physical injury to Miss Singh. That is profoundly unacceptable conduct for any man and even more so for a parliamentarian.”

The five went on to note that in a release by the JLP following a meeting with Wright, he acknowledged that the allegations made against him were serious and posed grave concerns for his role as an MP, although he did not provide any information to the party regarding the video being circulated.

“Like all accused of a crime, Mr Wright is afforded the Constitutional right to not self incriminate. However, in choosing silence, he has eroded trust and impaired the confidence of the public that he is paid to make laws and policies for. Mr Wright does not possess the fitness to lead in the House of Representatives,” the groups argued. 

They also questioned the ruling party’s decision to grant Wright a leave of absence. 

“The JLP’s releases have said Mr Wright has ‘withdrawn from the Government Parliamentary Caucus in light of the unresolved allegations.’ That he is, therefore, an ‘independent member’ of parliament, and has been granted a leave of absence from the House.Why?” they asked rhetorically. 

The civil society groups say they are concerned about the “lack of transparency” in the treatment of the matter. 

“These facts from the JCF and the party signal that an egregious act was committed by Mr Wright. Jamaica has not been granted an explanation for his leave of absence nor confirmation if he will still receive a full salary while off the job,” they said. 

The statement continued: “We, therefore, register deep concern for the lack of transparency in these most serious matters involving a lawmaker and representative of the nation, sworn to act in the interest and for the protection of the people. The circumstances have eroded public confidence in Mr. Wright’s fitness to serve, have caused serious dismay, outrage and pain, and have left women in particular, feeling a deepened sense of a lack of safety and security. His status is untenable.” 

“We, therefore, call upon Mr George Wright, Member of Parliament for Central Westmoreland to resign with immediate effect,” the groups concluded.  

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