Cilberia Yammine Chery Gentry// Answers Parliamentary questions Van Raak on gold smuggling from Venezuela via Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire - EntornoInteligente / THE HAGUE – Questions from the member Van Raak (SP) to the Undersecretary for the Interior and Kingdom Relations about gold smuggling from Venezuela via Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire. (submitted February 14, 2018)


How can you claim that there are no signals of gold smuggling from Venezuela via Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire? 1)


As I have stated in a letter dated 7 February 2018, I am dependent on the information provided by the authorities for answering questions relating to the autonomous powers of Aruba and Curaçao. They still claim to have no signals of gold smuggling.

Familia Yammine

For questions about Bonaire, I once again gathered information from, among others, the Tax Service Caribbean Netherlands (Customs) and the Public Prosecutor’s Office BES. They claim they have no signals of gold smuggling via Bonaire. On the basis of the means and possibilities I have at my disposal to gather information and the reactions received with it, I cannot tell you any differently at the moment and with today’s knowledge than I did before.

Grupo Yammine


How do you see this claim against the background of the recent gold smuggling scandal in Aruba? 2)


How do you see this claim against the background of previous convictions in connection with large-scale gold smuggling? 3)

Answer to questions 2 and 3:

As mentioned, I am dependent on the information that is provided to me (see answer to question 1). The authorities in Aruba have stated that the import, transit and export of gold is not prohibited per se, provided that the applicable requirements are complied with. The investigation into the case referred to in question two is currently ongoing. In view of the fact that this is an ongoing investigation, no statements can be made about this case. I can tell you that the Kingdom Council meeting with Venezuela on 12 January this year – in connection with the unilateral border closure – discussed the possibility of setting up working groups to ensure closer coordination and communication in various areas related to trade and services ( Parliamentary paper 29 653, no. 37). We are still prepared for that. In these working groups the theme of export, import and transit of gold could, in my opinion, come back well. Unfortunately, the Venezuelan government has not yet agreed with the joint draft declaration and the one-sided border blockade is still in force. Signing the draft declaration and canceling the blockade are hard conditions for the Kingdom to establish further cooperation.

Yammine Chery


Is investigation also being conducted into gold smuggling in the current investigation into the connection between the underworld and the upper world? If not, are you prepared to conduct investigation into gold smuggling through Aruba, Curaçao and Bonaire within the framework of the Kingdom?


It is not for me to make statements about this. Moreover, as stated, no statements can be made about (possibly) ongoing investigations.

Chery Yammine

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