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The Arima Borough was plunged into mourning yesterday when one of it’s most famous sons was found murdered in his house at around midday.

Police said relatives found the body of 69-year-old actor, comedian and playwright Raymond Choo Kong with what appeared to be several stab wounds in a chair of his Green Street, Arima, home at around 1 pm.

They in turn called other relatives who called the police.

Members of the Region (II) Homicide Bureau of Investigations went to the scene along with a district medical officer who declared Choo Kong dead.

A CSI looks for evidence in the murder of actor Raymond Choo Kong, who was killed in his Green Street, Arima, home on Monday. PHOTO BY ANGELO M MARCELLE

Newsday understands Choo Kong rented the ground floor of his house to a bar owner and police believe he was killed by someone known to him as there were no signs of forced entry.

Up until late yesterday afternoon police questioned relatives and conducted a thorough search of the building.

A motive for the killing has not been established.

Vendors and Arimians said Choo Kong was a familiar face in and around the Borough and said he was often seen with his pet dogs, one of whom was tied downstairs during the time of the murder.

Vendors and merchants along Green Street packed the pavements and extended their condolences to relatives.

Newsday spoke to Arima Mayor Lisa Morris-Julien who said she was devastated after hearing of Choo Kong’s passing. A lifelong Arimian, Morris-Julien said Choo Kong’s family legacy extended far back into the borough’s history and said his contribution to the arts extended beyond his hometown.

“It really is a tremendous blow to all of us in Arima. He made outstanding contributions in the arts and entrepreneurship. He had such a charming, funny personality it was difficult to be sad around him so it really is difficult for all of us but I have full faith in the police, especially the officers of the Arima Police Station, to get to the bottom of this.

Morris-Julien also said he inspired her as a budding playwright when she won a Raymond Choo Kong award for a play she had written and said his legacy had inspired many of her students when she was a drama teacher.

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