China Calls on Japan to End Disruptions in Bilateral Relations

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On Wednesday, China urged Japan to work jointly to eliminate disrupting factors affecting their bilateral relationship.

Wang Yi, Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister sked to Japan to remove items that act as disrupting factors, undermining their relationship. He also called on us to work jointly to keep their hard-won friendship.


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During a virtual meeting with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi, Wang said that both countries’ leaders held a session last year, where they achieved a critical consensus on building a relationship for the accomplishment of the requirements of the new era.

Regarding the 50th anniversary of the normalization of their diplomatic ties this year, the Chinese Foreign Minister suggested both parties take the events as an opportunity to strengthen the political foundation of bilateral relations and to take the consensus as guidance to make it.

Recently, Japan’s actions regarding China’s core interests and major concerns have taken importance, especially its negative moves on Taiwan, referring to this point, Wang called for removing disruptive factors in bilateral relations as soon as possible. He suggested the Japanese government fulfill the commitment it has made so far.

Chinese State Councilor and Foreign Minister Wang Yi on Wednesday stressed China’s position on the negative moves by Japan and the US against China in a virtual talk with Japanese Foreign Minister Yoshimasa Hayashi.

— Lin Jing 林静 (@CGCHINA_CPT) May 18, 2022 «Japan and the United States are allies, while China and Japan have a treaty of peace and friendship,» said Wang, saying that arguments that Japan and the U.S. would jointly confront China have already been widely heard. He added that the bilateral cooperation between Japan and the U.S. should not cause a confrontation in the bloc.

«We hope that Japan will not pull chestnuts out of the fire for others, and will avoid pitting itself against its neighbors,» Wang continued to say.

According to Hayashi, Beijing and Tokyo share some interests and enjoy huge potential and broad prospects for cooperation.