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Entornointeligente.com / Central Zone teams told to take charge / The trinidad Guardian / Discipline will be the watchword for the upcoming season of the Central Zone of the T&T Cricket Board (TTCB) as its interim management committee seeks to improve on administrative successes of the past year.

This was the highlight of a recent meeting for club representatives, umpires and other stakeholders called by zone chairman Manohar Ramsaran at Presentation College in Chaguanas on Thursday.

Ramsaran however gave the assurance that although no harsh decisions will be taken, every effort will be made to have clubs become more accountable and adhere to the rules and regulations of the zone and the TTCB.

At the well-attended meeting, club officials were told that the onus is being placed on them to take charge or face possible sanctions for breaches which have gone unpunished in the past.

Chief among them was teams turning up late for matches, or failing to field their entire line-up what Ramsaran said will not be condoned, and once recorded in the match report submitted by the umpires will be addressed by the zone’s disciplinary committee.

He said that teams failing to turn up for their scheduled fixtures, and/or short of their 11 players, or forfeits more than two matches will be expelled from all competitions run by the Central Zone.

Ramsaran also cautioned the teams that they should not report later than 30 minutes after the due start, with the times of play for the league competition being 12.30 pm to 6 pm.

He also stated that the Central Zone will also be taking a stern view of registered cricketers taking part in renegade leagues and competitions without the express permission of the zone.

“Cricketers who take part in these competitions without first getting the approval of the zone will face serious penalties as it is in contravention of the clear rules and regulations of the zone and the TTCB,” said Ramsaran.

Also making a valuable contribution at the meeting was experienced umpire Kimrajh Barasingha who enlightened club representatives on several new regulations which will be in force during the new season.

He said umpires will be looking closely at teams turning up late, not showing up with their full complement of players, negative bowling, time-wasting and other strategies employed which contravenes the spirit of the game.

Barasingha said that umpires will not be averse to highlight the flouting of the regulations in their match reports, or applying onfield sanctions such as awarding penalty runs, or calling no-balls.

“We have observed that some players push the envelope so to speak with certain umpires. But speaking for myself, and I know that my umpiring colleague Kellman Kowlessar who is present here this evening, will not stand for that kind of behaviour on the cricket field,” said Barasingha.

He also suggested how umpires could rise to the challenge when faced with making technical decisions and urged them to take their duties seriously since they were in charge of the game and must resist the temptation to allow players to dictate the pace of the game.

Another major issue that was raised at the meeting was the condition of the grounds which will be employed in the new season with complaints being voiced about their suitability, and also the provision of change-room facilities and refreshments for visiting teams.

And in an effort to address this ticklish situation a grounds committee was appointed, chaired by Mishri Lutchmedial, to look at the venues slated to host matches and make suggestions and recommendations.

Also on the committee are Keith Joseph, Farouk Hosein, Barasingha and Ajay Lutchman. Interim secretary of the Central Zone Richard Ramkissoon said that the changes envisaged will be made to improve the level of competition and reintroduce disclipine into the zone administration.

“We think it is a good development and worth a try since everyone will benefit. We are taking a hands-on approach which will be followed by decisive action in consultation with all stakeholders,” Ramkissoon said.

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