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25/06/2018 – The Trinidad Guardian. / CCTV footage will prove vital in an investigation into an alleged shootout involving police in Arima, on Saturday, which left one man dead and another seriously wounded.

According to reports, around 4 am police officers of the Northern Division were on patrol along Cocorite Road, Arima, when they attempted to stop a vehicle with two male passengers. The men reportedly ignored their requests to stop and sped off, according to police reports.

The officers called for backup and pursued the men, who allegedly began shooting at them.

Even after the police shot out the car’s tyres, the driver continued to drive.

The vehicle was eventually intercepted along Tumpuna Road South after the driver crashed and the vehicle flipped.

The driver and passenger were removed from the wreckage and taken to hospital for treatment. One succumbed to his injuries before arriving at hospital, while the other occupant underwent emergency surgery and remained warded up to late yesterday.

The dead man was later identified as Brandon Harewood, of Wallerfield. The wounded man was only identified by police by the alias “Ghost”.

Guardian Media understands that the men’s relatives are challenging allegations that they shot at police.

Portions of the high-speed chase were allegedly recorded by CCTV cameras at businesses and traffic lights along the route.

As with all killings involving police officers, a first division police officer assigned to another division is expected to be assigned to investigate the incident.

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