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“FORGET about excuses,” was the advice by Central Bank governor Dr Alvin Hillaire to two scholarship winners as he urged the youngsters to learn from past mistakes and commit themselves to helping others while improving their own lives.

Hillaire made the remarks during his feature address of an award ceremony for De La Rue Currency Scholarship winners at the Scarlet Ibis Room, Central Bank on Thursday, in which he praised scholars Isaiah Williams, 27, and Yohance Nicholas, 30, for their tireless work ethic and encouraged them to continue to improve the lives of others during their respective careers.

He also urged other young people to take advantage of free education offered and make the most of their lives while contributing to their country. “In many countries you don’t even have the right to vote or be educated. We have an education system that allows us to flourish but we have to use it, to push ourselves and forget about the excuses to some extent.

“Your responsibility towards others. The more you grow, there will be more people looking to you as examplars. You are De La Rue scholars, so you have a responsibility. People will be looking at you all the time. You are the future.”

Hillaire also commended both Williams and Nicholas for giving back to their peers via mentorship and volunteering at homework centres and said they were assets to their respective fields of communications and finance.

For his part Regional Manager of the De La Rue Manufacturing Company Gareth Evans also congratulated the scholars on their achievements and said one of their distinguishing characteristics was their energy and dedication to their studies.

“One of the things that stood out to me during the interview process and your essays was the energy you displayed, not only your commitment to your studies which is a given, but also your dedication to community activities and your leadership qualities.”

As part of the scholarship Williams and Nicholas are expected to enter a three month internship at the De La Rue Company at Central Bank, Port of Spain and a two month internship at the company’s Basingstoke, England.


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