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I MENTIONED in my previous column that September is a birthing month and we will be experiencing new things. Carte Blanche was birthed in the Eucalyptus Garden Theatre Gallery situated at the Theatre Guild. The idea came to me a few months ago after a friend wanted us to consider the franchise for Dîner en Blanc which is a worldwide event spanning six continents, in which people have a meal dressed in white in a temporary dining set-up in a public space. Diners are required to provide their own food, tables, chairs and tablecloths. The franchise fee was very high and I thought “why can’t we create a Caribbean brand instead of always following something else? I thought about an event in a beautiful outdoor space where we can fuse art, music and fashion, while enjoying Lipton Tea in white and invite people to join us. Ralph Waldo Emerson’s quote came to mind: “Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” I called my friend and creative director Richard and shared my thoughts; he instantly agreed we need to do it and we did.

The concept was born out of the notion to appreciate our regional creatives in an open-air experience which is set against a backdrop of pure elegance, represented by white textures. Georgetown, Guyana, was chosen to initiate this unique experience due to the novel composition of the Eucalyptus Garden Theatre Gallery situated at the Theatre Guild. It is rich with historical significance and ordained by the distinctive presence of the therapeutic magnificence of the Eucalyptus Trees.

Décor for the event was coordinated by Shonta Noel and Crafted by Chey and Neilson Nurse, at Nandre’s Kreations. Ras Camo welcomed the patrons with impressive steel pan music and he never fails to amaze. Pastor Clair Sutton from Freedom Life Ministries said the opening prayer, which is important to all my events. It was a sight to behold with patrons beautifully dressed in white at this historic space while viewing live painting, fashion displays and listening to the enchanting voices of Hyomi Carty and Petal Bourne. Veteran Guyanese artist Merlene Ellis painted on canvas for the auction conducted by Ron Robinson. She said it was the first time she painted in the public and enjoyed the experience. Winston Alexander demonstrated live speed painting to a song by our iconic Caribbean figure Bob Marley, while ‘One Love’ played in the background. The patrons were in awe after a few minutes when the late Bob Marley’s face emerged on the canvas. It is all just a reminder of the amazing talent we possess in Guyana.

Vanda Allicock and Natasha Davids presented their collections as a tribute to Indigenous Heritage Month. Melba La Gadoue presented a line of fascinators and I presented the versatile tops from my new collection. The photos capturing these priceless moments are taken by Sean Duncan and Amrita Rivers and are breathtaking and you can visit my FB page to view. Richard Young hosted the event with a lot of humour and style and certainly connected with the patrons. The intention is to have Carte Blanche throughout the Region and the Diaspora, God’s willing, celebrating our Caribbean aesthetic, showcasing a compendium of performing, visual, decorative and fashion arts.

A special thank you to the pioneering patrons, designers, artists, models, volunteers and sponsors Star Party Rentals, Tower Suites, Ramps Logistics, DeSinco Trading for Lipton’s Tea, SpotlightProductions, Theatre Guild, Le Treat Bakery, Pizza Hut, Pearl’s Bakery, Oasis Cafe, Ann’s Coconut Biscuits, Crafted by Chey, Impressions, Party Castle, Paper Craft and Nandre’s Kreations,  Part proceeds will go to the Living with Intention mission and persons are already requesting to be on the guest list for 2020. If you are interested to be on our list please email us at [email protected] as we continue to celebrate this beautiful journey called life BEYOND THE RUNWAY.

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