Carolyn Cooper | Contractor dem naah nuh conscience /

CHAKA-CHAKA SPELLING Thursday gone, mi had was fi git up out a mi bed go down a di construction site back a mi yard. Lickle after six a clock a mornin, one hell of a noise a come from down deh. Di said same ting gwaan Wednesday mornin. Wen mi go look, mi see two truck. One front a di gate, an one next one park up down di road pon a corner. Nobody nuh down deh fi direct traffic.

Two man a di gate did a do dat. Dem signal mi fi pass. All mi do, mi put on mi flasher an mi park up fi see wa a gwaan. Di truck let off one whole a load a river stone. Yu fi hear di noise. Loud-loud-loud-loud-loud! Wen mi lef mi yard, mi did tell miself seh mi nah go get inna nuh argument wid nobody. Mi just a go look. But mi couldn’t help miself.

Mi aks di man dem wa mek dem a mek so much noise soon a mornin. One a dem seh, a send dem send dem fi drop off di load. Mi do understand. A no fi im fault. Im a do fi im work. Im a drink milk. Im nah count cow. Im nuh business wid mi. An im right. A nuh im mi fi talk to. A di contractor weh send im. A im response. So mi decide mi mind fi call di company weh a do di construction work.

NUH RESPECT FI WI Wen dem did start build last year, di contractor im did send letter, gi wi di name a one ‘liaison’ smaddy weh wi fi call if wi have nuh problem. So mi call di ‘liaison’ im. Im seh im did know seh stone a go deliver pon Wednesday an Thursday. But im never know di time. An im seh im sorry fi wake wi up wid big noise. Im promise mi seh it nah go happen again. Mi accept im apology. But mi tell im seh im suppose fi know wa time material a go deliver. An a nuh ongle soon a mornin construction noise a disturb wi. Late a night, cement a pour.

All over Jamaica a di said same ting. Wi a suffer sake a unconscionable contractor. Dem do as dem please. Dem nuh have no respect fi wi. Dem no live weh dem a build. Di whole heap a noise a nutten to dem. Dem nah feel it. An dem know seh plenty a wi fraid fi talk out. So wi just sit down an sop it. Dat ha fi done. All a wi weh a suffer from construction noise soon a mornin an miggle night ha fi stand up fi wi rights. Wi have power. An wi ha fi use it. Di whole a wi ha fi join up inna wi citizen association dem an stop contractor from tek wi fi eedyat. Every day bucket go a well. One day, bucket bottom a go drop out.

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