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Earlier this week the Duke and Duchess at the Grenfell kitchen – SussexRoyal instagram The Duke of Sussex is hoping to be reunited with his wife and son in Canada with a clear resolution to their current crisis .

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But although both he and Meghan are desperate to get on with their new lives, they are prepared to thrash it out for as long as it takes to ensure the best for their futures.

Periodista Rocio Higuera

The couple will not sign off on a deal they are even mildly unsure about, even if it means an extended period of time apart, aides suggested yesterday

The Sussexes left their eight-month old son Archie in the care of a nanny when they returned to London from Canada on Monday after a six-week sabbatical

However, Buckingham Palace sources confirmed the Duchess, 38, had only ever planned a brief stopover in the UK. She is understood to have duly taken a BA flight back to their gated waterfront mansion on Vancouver Island in British Columbia on Thursday evening. 

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex during a visit to Canada House on Tuesday With no return flight booked and no official UK engagements in the diary, she could remain in Canada for the foreseeable future

The Duke, meanwhile, is at home and determined to secure his family a “progressive new role” in the mould they decreed in the bombshell personal statement released – to the shock of the Royal Family – on Wednesday

The 35-year-old is heavily involved in the tense negotiations being thrashed out behind palace walls , as are all senior members of his team – many of whom have no idea if they will still have a job when it is done

Royal insiders suggested that talks could be far more protracted than others were claimed

This is their future and their lives,” one source said. “It’s not just going to be quickly signed off.”

Aides suggested the Duke had still not had the face-face meeting with his father that he had asked for around Christmas

Both Prince Harry and Prince Charles agree on the need to conduct these crucial discussions in person. The Duke is also keen to speak to his grandmother, the Queen

But with Charles at Birkhall, his Scottish residence, and the Queen at Sandringham in Norfolk, such family meetings are unlikely to take place in the coming days

Story continues Prince Harry has a packed schedule of private meetings next week as well as an official engagement hosting the draw for Rugby League’s men’s, women’s and wheelchair world cup competitions at Buckingham Palace on Thursday

He is expected to follow the Duchess back to Canada only when the myriad questions about their future lives have been answered

In turn, it is hoped a potentially catastrophic fallout from  a royal couple “going rogue” will have been averted

As the royal households went into lockdown, under clear orders from the Queen to get the job done, the celebrity world waiting to welcome the Sussexes into its arms went into overdrive

PR experts have predicted that the couple could earn millions on the international circuit, cashing in on their brand with guest appearances, lucrative sponsorship deals and endorsements

Six-figure bids have already been made for the first interview with the couple, the Telegraph can reveal

It is understood This Morning has submitted a bid for £100,000, although an insider said: It’s just a starting figure.”

However, Gayle King, 65, the CBS anchor and a close friend of Meghan’s, is favourite to clinch an interview. 

King attended Meghan’s glitzy New York baby shower and visited the couple at Frogmore Cottage in Windsor after the birth of Archie

A television source told the New York Post: “It’s hush-hush, but there’s no one else they would turn to.”

Meanwhile, there is talk of a collaboration with US chat show Queen Oprah Winfrey, with whom the Duke previously collaborated on an Apple TV+ series about mental health which is expected to broadcast in coming months

Winfrey, 65, is said to have been advising them and has confirmed she fully supports their decision to break away from the Royal Family and go it alone

A source said: “The route they are likely to take is along the lines of an executive producer on an Oprah documentary series.”

Winfrey owns Harpo Productions, which made Finding Sarah, charting the Duchess of York’s “journey of self discovery” after she hit rock bottom in 2011

Talks about commercial projects are also said to be well underway. One report suggested they include French fashion house Givenchy, the label the Duchess chose to design her wedding gown. However aides insisted this was not the case

US presenter Oprah Winfrey arrives for the wedding ceremony of Britain’s Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex and US actress Meghan Markle at St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle Credit: AFP While royal sources have all but confirmed the pair will largely base themselves in Canada, it is not clear whether they intend to remain in British Columbia, move to Toronto, where the Duchess lived for seven years while filming US drama Suits, or choose somewhere new

Former senior Metropolitan Police officers have suggested that the couple will likely have to contribute to the costs of their security if they pursue a lucrative private career

The level of security will be decided by the Royal and VIP Executive Committee (RAVEC), chaired by former civil servant, Sir Richard Mottram, based on an assessment of the impact if they died, the level of threat, risks and vulnerability to assassination attempts

While only the Queen and Prime Minister are guaranteed full time protection, one counter-terror expert said: “As a former apache pilot who fought in Afghanistan, he will have to have proper protection whatever he is doing.”

This could range from full 24/7 bodyguard protection – as Prince Harry and Meghan get now both on private and public assignments as sixth in line to the throne – to only daytime protection with enhanced “technical” security at their homes at the night time

Any decision on the level of security and threat level is only expected to be made after the Royals resolve what the couple’s scaled back role will entail

But one former senior officer said: “If they increase the risk on themselves while doing all sorts of exciting things that make them a large amount of money, should that be part of the security deal or should the costs be borne by them rather than the state

Tom Bradby, the ITV journalist and a friend of the Sussexes, said the couple were “pretty philosophical” about their decision to plough their own furrow. “The Met Police are very very careful to be clear it’s not their decision. The Met police are there to deliver whatever is tactically decided is required. It is the Home Secretary’s responsibility discharged through this semi-arms-length committee to assess the risk and who gets whatever degree of protection.”

Another former officer said: “If they are going to be doing all their other stuff, they will have to pay for their own protection just like Tony Blair has to contribute towards his when he is doing his consultancy.”

A-listers set to play key roles in their new power base include Michelle and Barack Obama, George and Amal Clooney Serena Williams and designer Misha Nonoo

Reports suggest the Duke could follow a similar path to Obama, post presidency, focused on philanthropy, speeches, book deals and documentaries

Tom Bradby, the ITV journalist and a friend of the Sussexes, said the couple were “pretty philosophical” about their decision to plough their own furrow

“I think their thing is, we’re making a break for freedom and independence here,” he said

“You wanted a slimmed down monarchy. There’s no place for us here, we need to learn to live on our own and we want to get on and do that.”

He added: “I think they’re philosophical as in it’s up to you – protection, Frogmore, the titles – you want to take it all away? Fine, that’s OK but it’s up to you. We’d like to be involved we’d like to support our charities, we’d like to support the Queen, we’d like to do stuff through the Commonwealth but we accept that we’ve got no right to do that anymore

In comments that point to the urgency of the Queen’s intervention, he said: “There needs to be a peace deal really soon. 

This is so toxic, there is so much anger and to be honest with you, at the moment it looks like it might get worse not better.”

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