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23/06/2018 – The Trinidad Guardian. / A businessman was killed and his wife is now fighting for her life after her throat was slit at the business at Four Roads, Tamana, on Thursday night.

Police said John “JJ” Samaroo, 50, owner of JJ Mini Mart, died on the spot after he was attacked by two masked men who stabbed him several times about the body and slit his throat. His wife Susan, 50, was then chopped on her shoulder, legs, arms and her throat also slit. She remained in the Intensive Care Unit at Sangre Grande Hospital last night.

Villagers said they believe the assailants went to kill Samaroo not rob him due to jealousy over the success of his business.

Villagers told the T&T Guardian that around 9 pm on Thursday Samaroo, a father of three, went to empty garbage at the front of his business when two masked men came from behind the walls of a church opposite and attacked him. He fought with his assailants, screaming for help but was overpowered as the men stabbed him about his body. After, he fell to the ground, one of the assailants took the cutlass and began slitting his throat until his screams stopped.

The men then went inside the mini mart and attacked his wife Susan. She too put up a fight but was chopped about her body and her throat slit.

The men then ran into a white Almera and escaped in the direction of Sangre Grande.

Villagers and neighbours who were liming at a nearby house when the T&T Guardian visited yesterday, said they heard the screams for help but were afraid to intervene as the men were masked and believed to be armed. However, they rushed to the Samaroos’ assistance when they saw the attackers enter the car and leave.

They found Samaroo in a pool of blood in front his business already dead.

Two women who gave their names only as Abbi and Cindy said they went inside the mini mart and called out to Susan, before they found her on the ground bleeding from her injuries. They said they immediately tied her neck to prevent the bleeding, lifted her up and placed her on the tray of a pick-up vehicle where she was taken to the hospital. The pick-up met the ambulance on its way to the crime scene in Cunaripo and she was transferred. She later underwent emergency surgery.

Villagers at the scene described Samaroo as a good man who was live wire of the village and always assisted the poor and gave back to the community.

Geoff Adams, who has been living in Four Roads for 49 years, told T&T Guardian it was only on Tuesday he was speaking with Samaroo about the crime situation in the country and told him nothing will ever happen to him as he is a good man.

“I feel that’s the end of community togetherness for us,” Adams said. “I living so long in this village and it is the first time in his 49 years that this unaccepted type of crime has happened…it has reached us and nobody seems to care about the poor. I don’t know what this government is doing to stop the killing, it just keep increasing and having people living in fear.”

Relatives said they were planning a birthday party for Susan‘s sister today but will now be changed to preparing for a wake and burial.


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