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View photos Britney Spears was a no-show at a hearing for her conservatorship case in the L.A. County courthouse, but both of her parents appeared to hear the judge’s decision on the future for the pop star.

Inside court, the judge discussed “findings” partially from information provided by a court investigator.


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View photos According to documents obtained by The Blast, Britney’s parents Jamie and Lynne Spears were both present in the courtroom along with a team of attorneys.

The order states that the judge did make some sort of findings in their investigation, but ordered the information sealed.

Jamie also filed documents for more changes in his position in the case, which was granted, but those details were also sealed.

It’s unclear if any major changes were made in the conservatorship. But, after reports surfaced Britney would make an appearance for some sort of bombshell, it was simply not true.

View photos As for the #FreeBritney movement, is seems they may not be satisfied with the outcome being shrouded in darkness.

As we reported, Britney’s conservatorship has been under investigation with the court after the judge assigned a special investigator to evaluate all aspects of the team following her most recent round of treatment at a mental health facility.

At the time, our sources said the “Toxic” singer’s mental health declined so rapidly, her team was forced to pull back on several professional obligations, including her Las Vegas residency.

View photos As part of the investigation into the conservertorship, everyone involved was under the microscope, including Britney’s father, Jamie Spears.

Interstingly enough, Jamie stepped down from his role as conservator only days ago, and cited health complications as the reason for needing to step away.

View photos In his absence, Jodi Montgomery has been named in charge and will run the conservatorship for Britney.

In other Britney drama, her father was just cleared of child abuse allegations by the Ventura County DA after Britney’s ex-husband, Kevin Federline, filed a police report accusing Jamie of attacking his 13-year-old son.

View photos Officials said they investigated the case, and there was insufficient evidence to prove Jamie had committed a crime.

Now that the investigation is over, there’s a good chance Jamie could be at court – even though he’s not technically the conservator anymore. Also expected in court is Britney’s mother, Lynne Spears, who recently made it clear she wanted to take a more active role in her famous daughter’s management and life.


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