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“Through democratic channels, the transformation Brazil wants will not happen at the speed we want,” Carlos Bolsonaro said.

The Brazilian Bar Association (OAB) rejected statements of President Jair Bolsonaro’s son, Carlos, who said that changes his country needs will not be achieved by democratic means.


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“There is no way to accept a family of dictators,” the OAB President Felipe Santa Cruz said on Monday and stressed that “it is time for Brazil’s Democrats to say enough!”

His comments came after Carlos Bolsonaro, who a Rio de Janeiro City Councilor, posted a message on his social media saying that rapid changes cannot be made through democratic means.

“Through democratic channels, the transformation Brazil wants will not happen at the speed we are aiming for…if it ever happens. I only see the wheel spinning around its axis every day,” Councilor Bolsonaro said.

Carlos’s message was welcomed by his followers. Other people, however, pointed out that such comments were yet another attempt by the Bolsonaros to whitewash the military dictatorship that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985.

Carlos Bolsonaro tweeted: “It is not possible to change Brazil through democratic means.”

What does it take for the international community to understand that Bolsonaro prepares a fascist coup against democracy and Brazilian society?

— Nathália Urban (@UrbanNathalia) September 10, 2019 Another example of this attitude happened in late July when President Bolsonaro told reporters he could explain how the father of lawyer Santa Cruz disappeared during the military regime.

On that occasion, the current OAB president responded by pointing out that the Brazilian president demonstrated his “cruelty and lack of empathy” with victims of repression.

For his part, in response to public criticism of his claims, Carlos Bolsonaro qualified journalists as “Scoundrels”  and ratified his position on Tuesday.

“What I said: through democratic routes, things don’t change quickly. It’s a fact. It is an explanation for those who want quick changes… Scoundrels!”



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