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“If the government does not want people to take to the streets, then it must listen to their voice,” Andronico Rodriguez said.

In Bolivia, the Six Federations of Tropical Cochabamba (SFTC) declared an emergency and demanded that the coup-born regime led by Jeanine Añez call elections as soon as possible to avoid further deterioration of the country’s economic and political situation.


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“There is a total absence of the national government to face the health crisis, which led to an economic crisis. Therefore, we ask the Añez regime to make the quarantine more flexible for humanitarian reasons,” the SFTC spokesman Andronico Rodriguez said during a press conference in which the leaders of each municipality of the tropical community were present.

Besides requiring the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) to hold elections within the next 90 days, Cochabamba organizations request that the Foreign Ministry guarantee the voting of Bolivians living abroad.

“The date of the elections will be vital to get out of the political crisis… If the government does not generate certainty and security, the six federations and all social sectors will coordinate actions that will be known in due course,” Rodriguez added.

In Bolivia protests against the racist and Christian fundamentalist gov that seized power last year continue…

— Victor Figueroa (@FigueroaUK) May 22, 2020 Due to the difficult situation of the Bolivian economy, social organizations request the implementation of policies to protect public companies and to reactivate “not only large entrepreneurs but also medium and small producers.”

Concerning education, the social organizations of Cochabamba request an emergency plan for all levels of education to prevent students from being harmed.

Finally, the Six Federations demand a law for the forgiveness of bank interests for six months and the control of the State’s resources by the Plurinational Legislative Assembly.

“We declare ourselves in a state of emergency in defense of life, democracy, and homeland. Neither hunger nor repression but democracy and prevention,” Rodriguez said.

“If the government does not want people to take to the streets, then it must listen to their voice,” he added.


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