Biden brings new insight into the evolution of COVID-19 /


President of the USA Joseph Biden has asked for an inquiry to provide real evidence as to the origin of the new coronavirus. There are two primary theories being explored – the leak of the virus from a Wuhan laboratory in China or it being transmitted at a Wuhan meat market. Like previous major outbreaks, such as Ebola and the bird and swine flu, diseases are known to be transmitted from animals to humans.

China has refused to have private investigators examine its meat markets, and especially its labs. They seem to be definitely hiding something from the wider world. China doesn’t want to be held culpable for the great human disaster that has disrupted mankind worldwide.

New dialogues have resurfaced about investigating this great human tragedy. The world needs to know what really occurred, and China should be compelled by the United Nations to come clean.

Last week, Donald G. McNeil Jr, science writer with Washington Pos t, indicated that the lab-leak theory now looks plausible. These scientists seem to be looking for viable evidence to lay blame on China for the massive human death toll COVID-19 caused.

Some are saying the best mitigating strategies are not from where the virus originated. In fact, finding the origin of the virus has nothing to do with countering the deadly disease.

I agree with the plaudits that the best methods of mitigating the virus are travel restrictions, testing, contact tracing, ventilation, social distancing, and masking. The New York Times gave no indication that lockdowns played any primary role in the strong fight against the disease.


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