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Children play at Lego’s flagship shop in Shanghai Disney. [Photo/Xinhua] The amendment to the Law on Protection of Minors was adopted by China’s top legislature on Saturday, as a new move to strongly safeguard people under the age of 18 by rule of law.

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The amended law, with a new chapter on internet protection, was passed at the closing ceremony of the bimonthly session of National People’s Congress, the country’s top legislative body, and it will become effective on June 1, 2021.

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In the new chapter, the law clarifies responsibilities of internet service providers, demanding they take measures to prevent children from experiencing online bullying and being indulged in cyberspace

To strengthen protection on minors from all walks of life, the law also stipulates that some public places, including shopping malls, supermarkets, hospitals, libraries, museums, airports and amusements, should build a security alarm system to help seek missing children

Also, hotels are ordered to ask for the contacts of minors’ parents or guardians when helping children check in or the children attempt to have the check-in with adults, it said, adding hotels should call police if something is suspicious or staff suspect violations

Before the law was reviewed and passed, it was deliberated by the NPC Standing Committee in October 2019 and June this year

On Saturday, the Biosecurity Law, Export Control Law and amendments to the National Flag Law and the National Emblem Law also were adopted by the top legislature

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