Battle royal - Cooper v Thwaites - EntornoInteligente / THE EDITOR, Sir:

Billie Jean ‘Cooper’ v Bobby Riggs ‘Thwaites’ in the Battle of the Sexes!

October 21, 2018: Mr Thwaites came to the match dressed neatly and maybe naively in his tennis whites. However, soon after ‘Patois Activism’ started,

Ms Cooper’s hackles were up.

October 28, 2018: Ms Cooper would not have her patriotic Patois position muddied. She quickly steadied her aim from her safe aerie and launched a volley of ad hominem , sexist and racist barbs. Cargill dog, bright dog, Bakra – knowing quite well from her perch she could lob whatever derogatory shots she chose.

November 4, 2018: Mr Thwaites, horrified, surprised, engaged, pleased, ready, retorts – Harridan! Priceless!

Call someone a Bakra Dog. No problem, you are safe when you are Ms Cooper!

Call someone a Harridan (good English word) in response: how dare you, Mr Thwaites!

How far we’ve come!

The commentary has been great!

Thank you, Gleaner , you are the ultimate winner in this match. Awesome!!

Kevin D’Arcy

LINK ORIGINAL: Jamaica Gleaner



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