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An alligator who survived World War Two in Berlin and was rumoured – wrongly – to have belonged to Nazi leader Adolf Hitler has died in Moscow Zoo.

“Yesterday morning, our Mississippi alligator Saturn died of old age. He was about 84 years old – an extremely respectable age,” the zoo said.

Saturn was gifted to Berlin Zoo in 1936 soon after he was born in the US. He escaped the zoo being bombed in 1943.

British soldiers found him three years later and gave him to the Soviet Union.

How he spent the intervening years always remained a mystery, but since July 1946 the alligator has been a hit with visitors in Moscow.

“Moscow Zoo has had the honour of keeping Saturn for 74 years,” the zoo said in a statement.

“For us Saturn was an entire era, and that’s without the slightest exaggeration… He saw many of us when we were children. We hope that we did not disappoint him.”

Skip Twitter post by @moscowzoo Вчера утром наш миссисипский аллигатор Сатурн умер от старости. Ему было около 84 лет – крайне почтенный возраст. Московскому зоопарку выпала честь содержать Сатурна 74 года. Он видел многих из нас детьми. Надеемся, что мы его не разочаровали.

— Московский Зоопарк (@moscowzoo) May 23, 2020 Report End of Twitter post by @moscowzoo

Saturn may even have been the world’s oldest alligator – it’s impossible to say. Another male alligator, Muja who is at Belgrade Zoo in Serbia, is also in his 80s and still alive.

But it’s doubtful any alligator could compete with Saturn if it came to selling their memoirs.

The most headline grabbing detail is the rumour that Saturn had belonged to Hitler, which is untrue.

“Almost immediately after the arrival of the animal, the myth appeared that it was supposedly in Hitler’s collection, and not in the Berlin zoo,” Interfax news agency reports. It is unclear how the rumour started.

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Berlin, the capital of Nazi Germany, was subjected to intense Allied bombing before the war ended in 1945.

The so-called Battle of Berlin began in November 1943 and the night of 22-23 November saw extensive damage to areas west of the centre, including the Tiergarten district where the city’s zoo is located.

Thousands of people were killed or injured and many of the zoo’s animals perished too.

The zoo’s aquarium building took a direct hit. One report said passers-by had seen the corpses of four crocodiles in the street outside, tossed there by the force of the blast.

Saturn somehow survived and then lived for three years in a city ravaged by war, and a climate unsuited to alligators.

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