Bartlett wants management systems for upkeep of heritage sites

bartlett_wants_management_systems_for_upkeep_of_heritage_sites.jpg /

Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett says he intends to put management systems in place before any more money is spent on the rehabilitation of heritage and community sites to ensure proper upkeep.

Bartlett expressed concern that these venues often end up needing fresh restoration after a period of time.

He said that he is dissatisfied with how funds are used in the pursuit of such restoration works.

«We spend millions of dollars on heritage sites across Jamaica that go to ruin. We spend millions of dollars on community centres and playfields across Jamaica, helping to enrich communities, and when you pass there they are in ruins. We have built many beach improvement facilities across Jamaica and when you go there months afterwards, it is again in disrepair. That has to stop,» said Bartlett.

The tourism minister argued that a percentage of the money spent by visitors to Jamaica should go towards financing the activities and facilities that will enhance the tourism experience.

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