BARBADOS: Powers that be not in sync - EntornoInteligente / NationNews / Related articles 10-MINUTE MANAGER: Laina Jacob… Knighthood a form of enslavement… DEAR CHRISTINE: After two years,… I first heard of the amendment to the cellphone use on Morning Barbados from Sergeant Seibert Johnson.

Change is inevitable – we all know that – but dialogue is very important on such sensitive issues.

If I take clients to the supermarket, the beach, Harrison’s Cave, any of the flower gardens or any place of interest they so desire, I cannot, while awaiting their return, have the pleasure of texting, talking or surfing the Internet to pass the time away. (This has since been clarified by the minister.)

It is unfortunate that the lawmakers and people chosen to administer such are not in sync.

Having two press conferences day one and day two and making two different statements pertaining to the same issue leaves a lot to be desired.

This is a perfect example of the cart before the horse.

We knew it was on the cards for some time but it seems as though we got up one morning and it was on our doorsteps.

We are human beings with different personalities, so treat us with some respect. Have some forums, meetings, whatever you want to call them – not after the horse has left the stable.


BARBADOS: Powers that be not in sync

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