BARBADOS: Mottley says: "Protect the public interest" - EntornoInteligente / Barbados Advocate / Home Forms & Submissions e-Edition Search form Search Main menu Home News Business Sports Columns Contact Us Mottley says: “Protect the public interest” Wed, 04/04/2018 – 12:00am Barbados1 As Financial Year 2018/2019 commenced yesterday and with Parliament dissolved, Leader of the Opposition Mia Mottley is of the view that this represents “a clear and present danger to have an executive continue to function without the oversight of a functioning parliament.”

However, while explaining that this is by no means unconstitutional, she pointed out that the constitution did not contemplate that a government would seek to use the 90-day period to govern with business as usual.

Barbados’ Parliament automatically dissolved pursuant to the constitution on Monday, 5 March without Prime Minister Freundel Stuart announcing a date for general elections, which are due by June. It is expected that, within 90 days of dissolution, an election date must and will be set.

“This country has voted almost over $4 billion or more to be spent in this financial year. Typically, the warrants will come up to the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Finance will send back the money to each government department and to each statutory cooperation. I am asking the public servants of Barbados to protect the public interest. We are in dangerous uncharted territory and I am asking the public servants of Barbados to remember the laws of this land in relation to financial procurement, in relation to the engagement of contracts, in relation to the sale of government property – that these laws are clear.”

“And while there may be no parliament sitting that allows me or my colleagues to be able to remark on the floors on the precincts of parliament, you are in a position to defend the public interest of the tax payers of this country,” she stressed.

“I ask the public servants of Barbados to remember therefore that it is you, who must help to keep the government accountable and to ensure that what we find on the day after the elections, is not a debasing or a sell-out of this country’s assets and of this country’s resources.”

The Barbados Labour Party Leader was at the time addressing the opening of the constituency office of St Michael South candidate Kirk Humphrey at Culloden Road, St Michael on Monday night.

She assured supporters of Humphrey’s readiness for the general election as he will be trying to oust Prime Minister Stuart who has represented that constituency since 2008.

“I have come to tell you that we have brought a man to you who I suspect you already know is going to create history in this constituency,” Mottley declared.

“You know that this man is genuinely interested in your well-being. You heard Kirk stand on this platform and start to speak about plans, but more importantly start to speak about his approach to public life. He has come from day one, with a simple thesis which he believes “people over politics”. And that is not just a catch-phrase for him – it is a phase that says look we have to start worrying about the well-being of the people.” (TL)

BARBADOS: Mottley says: “Protect the public interest”

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