BARBADOS: Moore: No surprise - EntornoInteligente / Barbados Advocate / Home Forms & Submissions e-Edition Search form Search Main menu Home News Business Sports Columns Contact Us Moore: No surprise Fri, 03/23/2018 – 12:00am Barbados1 General Secretary of the Barbados Workers’ Union (BWU) Toni Moore is not in the least surprised by government’s announcement that it was not only taking public workers’ salary negotiations off the table, but would also be refusing to enter into any talks with the various trade unions regarding wages at this time.

Both the BWU and the National Union of Public Workers had been applying pressure for pay hikes, with the former requesting a 15 per cent raise, and the latter 23 per cent.

However, in a letter sent to both bargaining agents earlier this week, the Permanent Secretary in the Civil Service Ministry outlined that the Finance Ministry had resolved that the current economic climate would not permit a general increase in the emoluments of public servants, including the one-off payment that government had proposed.

In her response, Moore noted that the union was neither alarmed by the message or the manner government’s decision had been given.

“It is not surprising because, quite sadly, the Barbados Workers’ Union has been experiencing a trend where decisions are handed down to us, although not only to us, without full expression of social dialogue as provided for and as we have known it in Barbados since the early 1990s…

“So although there was no discussion following a commitment that after its first quarter performance, the increased NSRL would have been reviewed and then its performance brought back to the social partners for discussion, where amongst other things we would be able to determine if based on the performance a salary increase or adjustment of any form was possible for civil servants, although that discussion has not taken place, we are presented with this correspondence saying no further discussions.

“And not withstanding the fact that the Cabinet restored its 10 per cent without any efforts being made to restore the public servants – whether it was via an increase or via a refund of income tax or any other measure – this is the kind of response that we get in the form that we get it,” she underlined.

Moore noted there would be a meeting of the union’s full Executive Council next week where available options would be discussed. (JMB)

BARBADOS: Moore: No surprise

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