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Dear Editor For the past six days my mind was pondering on several thoughts to share with the Guyanese population. I have been an ardent reader of your newspaper for years and I believe, by doing so, it has helped me to make some adjustments and correction in the scheme of my life.

I highly commend your editors for skillfully and selectively publishing articles, letters, analyses, reports and data on several current affairs within the nation and around the world. Editor, based on what I read recently, the desire to share a once in a lifetime experience with your readers in the hope that this experience will result in someone being able to save themselves from eminent death.

I died on Tuesday July 9, 2019 or I should have died on that same day depending on how your readers interpret my experience. For me, I felt I was given another chance/opportunity to live. On that day I did some missionary work on the East Coast Demerara during the midday hours. I also did other errands for the Church, after returning to the City. I was also scheduled to make a trip to the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on the East Bank in the afternoon.

Every now and then I would take a nap (a little rest) during a busy day, but on that day I had no such thing working for me. So I began my journey to the airport a tired and weary man at about 14:30hrs then, about five or six miles before I reached my destination, a sudden tiredness and sleepiness took hold of me. Instead of stopping and getting water to saturate my face, which I practiced ever so often, especially on long driving trips; I continued driving (I was alone in car).

The road was clear, so my mind went into overdrive causing me to doze off on the wheel. I was suddenly awaken from my slumber, I believe by an Angel; being unaware for a short moment that there was a speeding car approaching me from the rear, another from the front while my car was now on another man’s lane. Speed was evident and a disastrous consequence was unfolding within seconds. I knew I would die. It was as if I saw death in that moment of time by the stroke of a miracle from God I survived.

If you are reading this, please, again I emphasise please! I advocate and admonish you to take note as much as possible – avoid nodding on the wheel; it could save your life. Psalms 118:17 – I shall not die, but live and declare the works of the Lord in the land of the living. Regards Apostle Vanrick Beresford

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