Any merger will bring job losses - EntornoInteligente / The trinidad Guardian / I always maintain that it is indeed good advice to join a trade union. But when the trade union leaders persist in not acknowledging that we are now in the 21st century it is going to be all weeping and wailing right down to the wire.

The most recent cries about disrespect of workers come from Joseph Remy of the Communication Workers Trade Union. With all due respect sir, whether Emile Elias genuflects on bended knees and apologises for not asking for permission to speak, there will be inevitable job losses with any merger.

The most recent evidence of the high cost of maintaining the employment of each TSTT worker (Over $420,00 per year) does not allow for Mr Remy for making promises of no retrenchment for either TSTT or Massy Communications workers. Our trade union leaders need to stop disrespecting themselves by pretending that Trinidad and Tobago is located on Mars. T&T is right here on Earth gasping for survival like any other country.

Why have we got to have the biggest bananas on sale, of all the Third World banana republics? Is it because we used to have a lot of oil and gas that our banana mistakes have grown that much larger?


Diego Martin

Any merger will bring job losses

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