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Another contract signed, this time, a $9 million dollar Hillsborough bridge

another_contract_signed_2C_this_time_2C_a_249_million_dollar_hillsborough_bridge.jpg / Dr. Adis King, parliamentary representative for the St. Joseph constituency The government of Dominica continues its series of consultations and contract signings across the island.

Two days after the signing of a contract for a bridge at Dublanc,  the government, on Wednesday, signed a $9 million contract for the design and construction of the Hillsborough Bridge in Layou.

The easternmost of the two bridges at Hillsborough was severely damaged during Hurricane Maria which resulted in the use of only the western bridge for traffic in both directions.

“This project is therefore welcomed wholeheartedly since it will impact quite a huge section of our people,” Dr. Adis King, the parliamentary representative for the area, said while delivering remarks at the ceremony.

She continued, “This has not only created the level of inconvenience for those of us who use this route several times a day, but it has also led to chaotic activities at times.”

Dr. King said the bridge is one of the main bridges connecting the northern and the southern communities of the island with thousands of commuters using it on a daily basis.

She said that is happening at a time when most economies of the world are collapsing as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Quite a number of talented people in Layou and St Joseph area will get an opportunity for employment during the implementation of this project,” the MP noted.

Dr. King also indicated that in July 2021, the government will also begin work on the rehabilitation of the Layou Valley Road from the Hillsborough Bridge to the Yorke Valley Bridge.

Minister for Public Works and the Digital Economy, Senator Cassanni Laville, who also spoke at the function,  said this project is in keeping with the government’s policy to make resilient infrastructure part of its thrust to build back a dynamic Dominica.

“We will continue to build bridges, walls, road maintenance…,” the minister stated.

The construction of the Layou Bridge is expected to be completed within 8 months.

Cassani Laville, Public Works Minister
LINK ORIGINAL: Dominica News Online

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