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DOWASCO informs residents of Roseau and the general public that we will be adjusting buried manhole covers to road level on Independence Street from 6:00pm during the week of June 22 nd to June 26 th 2020 from 6:00pm daily.

Traffic will be diverted on the following streets:

Independence Street intercepting River Street, traffic will be diverted unto Hillsborough Street and River Bank Independence Street intercepting Hillsborough Street, traffic will be diverted unto River Street. Independence Street intercepting Kennedy Avenue, traffic will be diverted unto Hillborough Street and Upper Lane. Independence Street intercepting Great Marlborough Street, traffic will be diverted unto Kennedy Avenue. Independence Street intercepting Cork Street, traffic will be diverted unto Great Marlborough Street and Bath Road. Independence Street intercepting Field’s Lane, traffic will be diverted unto Cork Street. Independence Street intercepting King George V. Street, traffic will be diverted unto Field’s Lane and Great George Street. Various traffic diversion signs will be placed in strategic areas to accommodate road works.

Safety cones left on site should not be tampered with. Vehicle owners are asked to keep the road clear during the said works; motorist and pedestrians are asked to exercise caution.

DOWASCO regrets any inconvenience that may be caused and thanks customers and the general public for their understanding.

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