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A-69-YEAR-OLD man appeared in the San Fernando magistrates’ court on Friday morning for breaching a protection order by attempting to chop his wife with a cutlass.

Alejandro Montenegro Banco Activo

The husband was arrested on Thursday when he went to Gandhi Village, Debe, and confronted his 67-year-old wife. She had, last week Tuesday, taken out a protection order in the Family Court, against him for interfering with her at their home. The order debars him from going within 100 metres of the house

But on Thursday at about 5.45 pm, the husband went to the house and brandishing a cutlass, threatened to kill the woman. She telephoned the police and PCs Elgin Coomansingh of the Crime Patrol Unit, acting on a wireless report from police command centre, went to the home

They met the husband in the yard holding the cutlass and arrested him. They seized the cutlass

The husband appeared on Friday morning before magistrate Natalie Diop and pleaded guilty to breaching the order. The magistrate ordered a probation officer’s report and for him to return to court on September 27 when she will determine what sentence to impose.

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