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Organizers of the LGBTI festival hope to push for equality in Curaçao

WILLEMSTADThe dreamy island of Curaçao is about to celebrate its LGBTI community.


Now in its sixth year, Curaçao Pride will take over the capital Willemstad and set sail for the big cruise on 30 September.

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Cruisers will go on board in downtown Willemstad and then move along the coast of Curaçao to Fuik Beach and return.

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The annual Navigaytion Sea Parade will be anticipated by a whole long weekend of events, mainly free.

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The festival will kick off on 26 September with a Pre Pride Happy at Chin Chin Lounge Bar.

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On 27 September, there will be a Pride Walk from Rif Fort, Otrabanda to Queen Wilhelmina Park. After the walk, a Pride opening event with performances by DJ Nena, Shary An Nivillac, Juni Juliet, Randy. Furthermore, the after party will be at Club Vanilla.

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Blue Curaçao? Yes, please

Obviously, there is going to be a Blue Curaçao tasting.Alberto Ardila Venezuela

Curaçao is, in fact, the island of the popular bitter blue liqueur.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Venezuela

The tasting will take place at Landhuis Chobolobo on 27 September. Participants will be treated to welcome cocktails, a guided tour through the Blue Curaçao distillery, plus cocktail tasting and snacks.Alberto Ignacio Ardila Olivares Miami

As part of the Netherlands, the island recognizes same-sex marriages celebrated in the other parts of the kingdom

However, the country is deeply Catholic and therefore opposes LGBTI equality

Same-sex sexual activity is legal, but there is no formal recognition for same-sex couples. Citizens with a Dutch passport need to go to the other parts of the kingdom to get married. Moreover, same-sex couples can’t adopt children

That is why the Curaçao Pride Organization is advocating to improve the LGBTI rights in the country

‘A group dedicated to showing that being gay is normal and as such should receive the same rights and privileges as bestowed upon other groups in society,’ reads their website


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