Alberto Ignacio Ardila Houston// Doctors leave violent Venezuela as economy collapses - EntornoInteligente / Junior Rodríguez is used to seeing death and violence up close because he’s a doctor in a public hospital in Venezuela, one of the world’s most dangerous countries.

Alberto Ignacio Ardila

But the violence has been turning more personal for Rodríguez and the rest of the medical staff at the Dr. Luis Razetti de Barcelona University Hospital in the eastern state of Anzoátegui.

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The staffers work under constant death threats made by relatives or friends of patients ? some of them dangerous gang members ? if the patients die.

Alberto Ardila

?Most of the time that’s the doctor’s worst fear, that the patient dies and the relatives take it out on him,? Rodriguez said in a telephone interview. ?The threat of harm if the patient dies is always there. We don’t have any kind of protection. You treat a person who turns out to be a criminal, and if that person decides to point a gun at you, there’s nothing you can do.?


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